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Krysta: There were a lot of signs before our wedding that I ignored.

Getting married young meant we each had a lot of personal growing to do and we grew apart.Which means that jumping back into the dating pool, post-marriage, is a reality for lots of women. Maxine: I married someone I was in a long-distance relationship with, and we had known each other for almost a year when we got married.That sounds scary and like probably the last thing you wanna do after going through the ~big D~, and so to ease some of your fears, three women who were married and divorced before turning 30 gave the full breakdown on dating after divorce. She was someone I dated in college while she was in the Marine Corps.I got on Bumble and had flirty conversations—very validating at that point in my life—and went on a few dates.Maxine: I went on the first date two months after we said we were separating.

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