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A couple may never see or speak to each other outside of school, although they may well enjoy the new status accorded them by their peers.

These types of short-lived pairings — relationships in name only — jump in numbers by grades six and seven, when alcohol increasingly becomes part of many parties.

“This ‘liquid courage,’ which is far more common than other drugs, makes kids get over their natural modesty and social awkwardness,” says Kim Martyn, a long-time sexual health educator in Toronto.

Parents must acknowledge this reality and address safety issues around the risks of drinking, says Martyn, who’s also the mother of two young-adult daughters.

Here is how 14-year-old Catherine started going out with the guy who is now her boyfriend.

At recess one day, her best friend yelled over to the unsuspecting boy, “Catherine wants to snog!

“If I get bored [on a date], my friends keep things interesting,” Katie says.

And here’s how that went: Boy: “Do you wanna go out?

’ You all decide to see a movie and you’ll all get separate drives there.

You usually don’t go out one-on-one.” And there are some other interesting developments in this brave new world, including the fact that teens feel freer to put off sex, and they see love, marriage and kids as best left for the (fairly) distant future.

“So from a parenting perspective,” says Connolly, who is also the director of the La Marsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution, “you want to know who your kids are friends with.” Kids like the security of having their friends around.

“When you’re going out with someone, it’s much easier to be yourself when your friends are there too,” says Katie, 15, of Carleton Place, Ont.

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