Newgrounds loz dating sim

If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely. Alot of people have written them down so check toroughly.EDIT 5: Thanks alot to everyone for helping this get 1kk views!! First of all, the preloader takes a while to show up, so be patient. I lost about 3-4 months of work due to many problems in my life.

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I also like how we can actually *cough* the girls, most sim dates are just "DATES" but this was something different.

Great job, great work, I hope you make a sequel not that good well for starters the game was boring the pics wer childish sex scenes wer bleeped out u only get to se the top of the house when u bang her which makes the game pretty stupid i only give it a two because it was a good attempt at a goood dating game but only a good attempt didnt make it all the way ..................................... ....................the way whats up with the homo that keeps attacking u?

This would have been PERFECT and would have gotten 10 instead of 8 if it had had more hentai in it.

You cant open a game saying "Warning, hentai inside" and have 3 bad pics of each girl in there. Thanks for making this, I liked the beginning with the little thwacking noises ; ) I liked how you put in a few "internet smiles" in their chat, that made the game a lot more interesting.

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