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Don't make a bad impression when texting the guy you really like. I learned alot from people texting shorthand If you cant actually type out the words, your not for me.It tells me you haven't the time to converse properly and are wasting my time.Don't act like you're uninterested in him in an attempt to get his attention.You haven't heard from a guy you've been texting with for an entire day.He might start thinking that you're like this with other men in your life or you're not serious about a relationship.There is no reason to be texting a potential boyfriend in the middle of the night. You have texted with your latest crush for a couple of weeks now and you think he could be the one.Men are flattered by women who are interested in them and what they're doing.If you want to be mysterious, wait an hour before replying to his text.

Avoid acting like you don't care what he's doing or how he is.Here are 5 kinds of texts that will send your potential mate running for the hills.You're out with your girlfriends on Saturday night and you've had a little too much to drink.Jumping to conclusions, and expressing them to him, is a sure-fire way to chase him away.It might be hard to be patient, but it will be worth the wait.

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