My blackberry froze while updating software

Looking at the number of complaints on this page, cannot believe this has not been fixed yet, and there’s no mention on Black Berry website either.For anyone who still has the option, this is not worth downloading until this is sorted.Only solution is to continue to kill the app in the background - then the i Pad works perfectly fine until you open the app again.

There are so many problems to list here - in my darkest moments I consider moving to a firm so I don’t have to put up with this mediocrity.

Simple app navigation:• Launcher: Simplify multi-tasking and app navigation with easy switching between your email, calendar, contacts, app settings and other Black Berry apps.• Quick actions: Work smarter with quick action buttons to compose an email, schedule a meeting or add a contact.• Contextual file actions: Choose the right actions for your documents – edit, annotate, save, print, sign, etc.

based on the other Black Berry-secured apps installed on your device Improve productivity:• Email: Manage your inbox on the go!

That means you will lose your contacts, your stored text messages, and any apps that you've downloaded to the mobile.

As you start to return the mobile to the factory settings, you will see several warning messages to this effect.

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