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Other artists who work out of the area include Alvin Chong who frequently tattoos in Hong Kong. People born in the Year of the Pig are good-mannered. They are always forgiving of other people's mistakes, which at times can translate to naivete and gullibility. This number should be used as a point of reference only.

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Miniclip is both a developer of casual games, as well as a publisher of from reputable third-party game developers.

Simply cut and paste the code to allow your friends to enjoy miniclip games without leaving your profile.

RSS Feeds: provides an extensive array of RSS feeds for it’s game categories, namely: Action Games, Adventure Games, Online Girls Games, Fashion Games, Fighting Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Shooting Games, Sports Games, and Others.

We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.

* Mini-14 serial numbers rollmarked with Mini-14 Ranch Rifles beginning in 2000 The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year.

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