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She says the volume of X-rated material is damaging men of all ages and she has been in relationships where her partners would lock themselves away in the bathroom to get sexual gratification from the internet rather than make love to her.“People have porn addictions.You have this woman who is living and breathing and lying in your bed and you are in the bathroom with a computer, there’s something going on that’s not normal,” Anderson said on TV show “This Morning”.“And yes, I have experienced that and a lot of my friends have.In “Divorce”, Parker plays Frances, a woman who has recently decided to divorce her husband.She says that she sees plenty of parallels between the struggles of her onscreen character Frances and those of one of her real-life friends, reports uk.“Someone I am very close to is living right now in the same house as the person she is getting divorced from,” Parker told Metro newspaper.Their close aides also assisted in arranging meeting sbetween them. Ellen: (dryly) Uh huh (audience laughs) Pamela: (to the audience) Sorry. Pamela: Yes, well, that’s where, I instantly go to that! Pamela: I’m living with my ex husband, how does that fit in? (audience laughs) Pamela: It’s just so many temptations… This helped to generate major press interest and PR.Unfortunately, there are eye-witnesses that said, MJ and Anderson talked in a very congenial conversation, still from time to time regardless of the gap in conversation they seemed charmed, and MJ seemed quite intoxicated! Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson are dating, claims reports. Anderson and Jackson have had two dates claims a poorly reported British story. (audience laugh) Ellen: I didn’t ask about anything like that. Ellen: But you’re not getting any from him, are you? Pamela Plays “Guess Your Ex” has to guess who the guy is on the card from Ellen’s clues Pamela: (holds up card with MJ’s photo) Ellen: He’s a, he’s the guy that you refused to answer if you’re hanging out or not but he wants you to be in the video. In each market an exclusive content deal with one key publication was negotiated (such as FHM) to ensure a minimum level of coverage.They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no one would suspect anything and then had a few drinks in the bar.” The pair requested a hidden area in the corner – for two reasons. And second, it would have protected them from the dangerous melting effects of the Californian sunshine.

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London– Actress Nicole Kidman, who won the Best Actress accolade at the 2002 Academy Awards for her role in “The Hours”, says she realised how “lonely” she was when she didn’t have “anyone to share” her Oscar with.

X17 Online is reporting that model Pamela Anderson was spotted entering Shutters on the Beach hotel in California, specifically to meet up with Michael Jackson himself. Westwood’s personal assistant was overheard by a Reuters witness telling two members of the audience that Anderson’s mysterious plus-one was the reclusive “King of Pop.” Speaking at the launch of her E! ”“I’m always running around after the kids, and I always make sure I still fit into my red Baywatch swimsuit. I spent some time with the stunning Pamela Anderson this week who is in town to promote her fab new show “Pam: Girl on the Loose.“ Smart, funny and extremely sharp when it comes to business, she had all the guys falling in love with her from the minute she arrived.“Q You’ve been wed three times. But I’m sleeping by myself at the moment and there’s no one specific in my life. ” BRAND OWNER: Waalwear Group CATEGORY: Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear REGION: EMEA DATE: Aug 2008 – Sep 2008 Van Gils was a successful formal menswear brand across Europe in the eighties.

While both video and pictures were taken of the occurance, none of them directly feature Michael Jackson–because of this, will treat this appearance as a rumor until additional confirmation is received. f=511&t=848 We hear the big-boobed babe is a massive fan of Michael… A source said: “It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger. He gets nervous when he thinks people are following him around, so he chose somewhere neutral for their first date. TV show Pam: Girl On The Loose, which starts tomorrow, she said: “I still love Steve. Although there are about three or four non-specific men. The story going round is that I’m dating Michael Jackson. In its prime it rivaled Hugo Boss, but had fallen into decline and had become largely unknown.

They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off.” So much so Michael plucked up the courage to ask Pammy out on a second date. [From the Daily Mirror] This is one of those rumors I’d clearly call bullshit on if it were about any two people besides Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson.

These two crave ridiculous, improbable levels of drama the way the rest of us need protein and vitamins. And the more insane something seems, the higher the chance they’re actually doing it.

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