Mental illness and dating

Your partner may have never been with anyone in your situation, or they may think they know and have no idea.

Five years ago, I would have not even mentioned counseling because I always felt it was something rich people did.

The site says, You need this information to support each other through health crises.

If you're in a long-term relationship, it's better to disclose your health condition when you are well than to conceal it until an acute episode.

I also asked for one who specialized in "identity" and also required I be assigned a therapist of color.

Walking into that first therapy session, I had no clue what to expect, but I sat in her seat and forced myself to open up.

I also didn't see it as such a helpful tool that I would recommend everyone try. Six weeks of therapy (I'm going back, promise) changed my life and helped me get through the tough time I had when trying to finish grad school, navigate my relationship, survive living in New York City and sort my feelings out about all of the racism I experience and witness every single day.

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It's so hard to adequately care for yourself and dish out attention to your partner at the same time.

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Today, I know that was the best decision and definitely why I graduated on time.

Counseling is still a privilege not everyone has access to, so double check your health care package to see if it covers therapy.

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