Mens dating guide how to date any girl speed dating in berkeley

If you’re really advanced at flirting you could try for a few sexual innuendos, but if you’re not experienced at getting women in a horny mood, then hold off on that.

Now, this might sound cheesy, but a good compliment can really make a girl blush.

This is my personalized, specific method and you will not find this anywhere else.

Not on You Tube, Google or in any magazine — you will ONLY find it on my blog right here.

Now, I feel I can get a girlfriend or a hookup whenever I want.

And this gives me a of confidence and really makes me feel liberated.

Even if you are meeting women for first dates off of Tinder, or other online sites, you to do this when you meet a woman.

And my best compliment of all time is…I like this because it can be used in any situation and can mean many different things.effective, and while I’ve shared this with my personal coaching clients paying me thousands of dollars, today I’m going to share it with you for free.This is a very specific, three-step method I’ve been perfecting over the years.I’ve also taught this method to hundreds of guys in one-on-one coaching, at seminars and over the internet.And trust me — it works, even if you have ZERO experience.

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