Marketing to dating boomers 60 year old man dating younger women

Instead, marketers are resorting to more emotion seeking videos and pictures to replace plain old text.While this may be a good idea for targeting younger generations, baby boomers actually grew up reading newspapers and books which makes reading more of a hobby than a chore in their eyes.Being called “old” is perhaps the biggest pet peeve among the baby boomer generation.Just recently, my resume writing business had a client in his 60s who was concerned about being discriminated against in the job market due to his age.Source Noticeably, baby boomers use laptops and PCs far more often than the younger generations for activities such as visiting news sites.This, of course, is worth calculating for your own business’ website.A Millward Brown Digital study found that 31 percent of baby boomers use laptops or PCs to shop online.Although one in four say they use their mobile phone.

This ability makes it very convenient for marketers to target baby boomers specifically if that’s their intended goal.And of course, it’s far easier to do all of this reading on a large desktop monitor as opposed to a tiny cell phone screen.With their willingness to do their due diligence when it comes to researching what to buy, gimmicky marketing tactics that rely on impulse are far less effective than they usually would be.While some baby boomers do appreciate these newfound forms of entertainment, many of them don’t, so be careful and selective when incorporating humor into your marketing efforts.It’s also wise to avoid any jokes that might require background knowledge of a recent internet trend or fad.

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