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Best known for her portrayal of Ashley Davies on the television series South of Nowhere, as well as portraying Misty Monroe in the web series Girltrash!

These Web users may not have time to get involved with real dates because of their work schedule or working life; it could also be a matter of personality than people with secure real time of life easily.

He tends to be a bit more relaxed in certain situations.

In the first season he's definitely got the bad hand in a couple fistfights, which I'm not a big fighter but I found that very unrealistic.

Rob Moran, Mandy Musgrave, and Gabrielle Christian all guest stared on Quinlan's web-series "3way".

Cohen and Moran are starring along side one another in the upcoming movie "The Outside".

The Second film yet to be released is the Musical prequel to the Girltrash!

web-series titled Girltrash: All Night Long where she once again portrays Colby Robson.

10 months after moving out to LA he went and booked a lead role as the sensitive jock, Aiden Dennison on South of Nowhere.Since then he has guest stared on various shows such as The OC, Medium, and Supernatural.He has also been in a few movies including one of the lead roles in Boogeyman 2.Matt Cohen grew up in South Florida where he played football and track in high school and also graduated with a 3.8 GPA.After high school he studied business at Florida State, where he also took some theatre classes.

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