Mandating direct

Some states have not indicated their position on this question.

In effect, that means that state law would not interfere with an employer’s decision. AL, GA, HI, LA, MA, MS, NE, and OHNine states will allow a company to mandate direct deposit.

Most states have established separate regulations, as well. Think of federal law as the minimum standard, as they will be applicable even in states where there are no rules on the books surrounding this question.

But Additionally, if your state does have its own rules, you will have to follow both state and federal law. Some states allow employers to require that their employees accept pay by direct deposit.

Alternatively, if two-thirds of any firm’s employees agree to direct deposit, then the employer can mandate that all workers must take their pay via direct deposit. A: “Overtime” in this context is different from its usual meaning -- hours worked past forty in a given week.|top| Q: Who is covered under the law for mandatory overtime restrictions?The basic principle to bear in mind is to let your employees choose if they want to use direct deposit, and if they do, to let them pick the account that they receive their pay.In many states, employers have more power, but in any state, the practice of employee choice works best.

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