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» Read more Growing up in a small town you find fun things to do so you don't go crazy!

In the mid 50's, when I was a young man I learned how to jack off and cum!

Lots of great masturbation with me fingering her and her giving me hand ...

» Read more After my parents divorced, we kids moved from a major city area to a very rural area.

She is a larger lady, but really pretty and I quite fancied her. » Read more When I was with my first true girlfriend we had a shared interest in trying kinky things.

We like to do things in random places and use various objects as dildos on her. I had just trimmed my pubes before I left so I thought what the hell let's warm things up a bit before I head out into the cold. I then put on my nylon wind pants and left my underear off. » Read more When I went off to college in the early 70's, I was like most of my friends.

When I was 16 her friend, Linda, was staying with her in her spare room.

We live near campus, and I share a room with my now friend, Noah.

He's tall and skinny, with shaggy hair and pale skin.

There was none on top so I opened the drawer and this is where my story starts. » Read more On a night after a lot of making out in front of her house, we decided to head up the hill to a more private and secluded area.

We had been getting close to going all of the way for the past couple of weeks.

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