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I guess I liked that, though.”Meanwhile, in its fourth season–which is now missing Chad “My leaving the show was not a mutual decision and if you say so my lawyer will come after you” Rogers–the show continues to be a mess, but one I can’t stop watching.

The newest cast member, Josh Altman, offers his own version of the awkward acting out set-up scenes by over-enunciating and doing a really great impression of a smarmy real estate agent (or maybe he actually is one).

For example, it gave him instant credibility with the uber-exclusive, high-end clientele he was after.

A Saudi Prince looking for a Malibu property would consider reaching out to a guy with his own TV show, he said. “I needed and wanted some of my privacy back,” he said.

He has a candle line now and he has a new version of his book “Activate Your Passion, Create Your Career” coming out soon.

Hildebrand also serves as a brand ambassador for Docu Sign.

Using emerging tech like Instagram well is a challenge for a big brand like Coldwell Banker, he said.

Josh’s Facebook profile says he’s been in a relationship with Colton since October 24, 2007, and as this 2009 photo shows, they’re obviously together in public, just not on the show.I took a different approach, a more subtle approach, and I kind of like the way Bravo did it …slowly revealing my life, because for the most part no one knows anything about my life other than what they can read on the Internet or what they see on the show with my family, but my private life was always kind of a mystery.He says the move away from TV and a big real estate brand is a chance for him to focus on other aspects of his real estate career and to join a firm that will allow him to grow as he sees fit.“I want to focus more on my brand and my business,” Hildebrand told Inman News.

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