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I'm sure this one will work for many of you, but this just isn't my cup of tea because I feel like I'm read randomly broken up sentences (which is just plain annoying) that contain no emotion. I think the description of the book was more descriptive than the actual book in terms of the story.Okay, so I get it is supposed to read like poetry or something like text-messaging exchanges, but it literally made my head hurt to try to piece this together.Dating Down is told from the perspective of Sam Henderson, a shy high school senior who paints. The book starts with Sam telling us that this is about a boy, who won't be named, and who we'll call only with X.

Dating Down is for people who understands how to become a teenager, for people who has been confused about love and still figuring it out.

I quite like verse novels (The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick is in my mind perfect) - the author went from some passages of straight text into free form stream of consciousness writing at times - but I felt carried away with the story.

The plotting is not perfect and the situation with her step-mother seemed a little contrived but all in all it was an engaging read and I think Stefa This book suprised me and I actually liked it a lot.

Honestly, I don’t know what to feel because it was so stupid and naive of her.. I mentioned that Dating Down is written in verse and it was amazing.

Lyon’s verses is not that hard to understand, on point and yet intricately written.

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    And thanks to all the media hype, the masses can’t wait to get their hands on it.