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This is just the kind of equipping that our home churches need to provide. Kevin & Claudia Paterson: Journey ministry overseers and speakers at this event, Kevin & Claudia Paterson, married for the first time in 2009, after a long season of singleness.It is so practical.” (Lori L.)"This course takes you into a higher realm, where best practice, biblical solutions, and real-life stories help you achieve your relational destiny! Through their extensive life, ministry, and discipleship experience, they’ve gleaned a wealth of wisdom and honed communication skills to impart to singles.Sessions will include the following topics:* Fun, Stress-Free Communication for First Time Meetings* Attitudes, Body Language & Skills that Attract the Attention of the Opposite Sex* Conversation Skills & Tools for Effortlessly Getting to Know Others* Empowering Your Conversation with the Language of "Love & Respect"* Developing the Ability to Enjoy People and Take Conversations Deeper* Keys for Resolving Conflict and Developing Harmonious Relationships* And, The Always Popular "Straight Talk" Q&ACome expecting to enjoy a lively day of connecting and learning, ready to receive from Kevin, Claudia and Ian, as well as receive a special impartation for successful Kingdom Relationships. He leads worship and helps pastor a prototype transformational church community in the San Francisco Bay Area.This workshop is designed to help you become a skilled communicator with the opposite sex! Ian also speaks at churches, retreats, and colleges.

If you're a believer who...* Desires to get out of the Dating desert! * Is ready to become a confident, skilled communicator with the opposite sex!Kevin and Claudia have worked with youth, young adult, and singles ministries—and as pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders—for much of their adult life.They still enjoy friendships and mentoring relationships with many single Christian friends, speak at singles events and recently authored a book called Straight Talk to Christian Singles.Kevin & Claudia and The Journey Singles Leadership Team look forward to seeing you there. Please visit The Journey Singles Facebook Page: for additional information about our ministry and upcoming events.The Journey Singles Ministry is a community of young and mid-professional Christians, that attend various Bay Area Churches, that are enjoying the journey toward great friendships and kingdom relationships.

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