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To anyone who is paying attention to the signs, it is obvious that human society is in a deeply troubled state.

Natural disasters are happening everywhere at an accelerating rate, the economy is frozen by overwhelming public and private debt, and government gridlock threatens to shut down the Nanny State that tens of millions of Americans have come to rely on for their survival.

Those who choose to go off the grid do so in large part because they want to live in a way that is authentic, and a life without romance and companionship is inconsistent with this ideal because it is just an imitation of what our existences were meant to be.

Those who have chosen to reject the lies and the manipulation once and for all and to live without compromise no longer have to be isolated because their families don’t understand them or because mainstream society brainwashes the masses to shun those who refuse to accept the status quo.

Finding Connection Intentional communities of fellow travelers, whether they are still in the planning stages in anticipation of a post-collapse future or actually in existence right now, are a wonderful way for off-the-gridders to find social, emotional, and physical mutual support to complement their hard-earned independence and self-reliance.

Internet forums and other websites where off-the-gridders gather are wonderful places to find friendship and camaraderie, but connections of the heart tend to be more elusive for those practicing alternative lifestyles in a society where the vast majority choose to go along just to get along.

But all over the internet, specialized dating sites have sprung up to assist those who are looking for like-minded people, and there is now at least one site available for survivalists, preppers, and off-the-gridders who would like to find that special someone.

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