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In fact, for many people, being 40-plus means increased confidence, stronger social connections, and increased responsibility—and the paycheck to go along with it—at work.

While it may be true that conceiving naturally gets more difficult, it’s pretty silly—and offensive—to hear that just because you haven’t found the right person a decade or two earlier, you should never have kids.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ask someone who’s single or childless in their 40s if the idea of leaving this world alone keeps them up at night.

So what if someone still loves reading comic books or staying out all night over 40?

And when you want to refresh your wardrobe, start with the 40 Tips For Dressing Well in Your 40s.

Unfortunately, regardless of what your résumé says, “overqualified” is often coded language for “we’re afraid we’d have to pay you too much” or “we’d rather hire a 20-something.” It should come as no surprise that most people don’t look the same at 40 as they do at 20.

However, having to hear that you “look tired” all the time because you’re aging like a human being is among the more annoying statements you’ll be subject to at this age.

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