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Wiele z tych kobiet to zdesperowane samotne mamuśki i zdradzające żony pragnące nieco zabawy. Czy zgadzasz się zachować tożsamość tych kobiet w tajemnicy?LIBRA - SCORPIO COMPATIBILITY The Negotiator and the Power-Broker WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS OF A LIBRA-SCORPIO LOVE MATCH?Romance is never far from your mind and you yearn for the perfect partner in order to make your life complete – because Libra, of all signs, does not do single.The need for a life partner is deeply embedded in your psyche, so Libra compatibility is a very high priority in your life.These two have different styles of communication in that Libra expresses its opinions very freely and openly, but Scorpio tends to keep its true thoughts to itself and can be quite secretive at times.Libra’s habit of constantly changing its mind is irritating to Scorpio, who is much more clear-cut and decisive.

Libra may be willing to put up with an awful lot, but the one thing it will never tolerate, and especially not in its love relationships, is any kind of inequality or unfairness.

Scorpio enjoys – and often provokes – a good fight and can be extremely rude and outspoken.

Libra is always ready to compromise by finding a fair middle ground, but Scorpio rarely gives in until it has succeeded in getting its own way.

Cool-headed Libra can find it hard to handle the Scorpion's intensely passionate and jealous nature – often sparked off by the indecisive Air sign's yes-no approach to sexual commitment.

In turn straight-talking Scorpio, who thrives on confrontation, may find the Libran's unfailing 'niceness' rather superficial and disingenuous.

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