Julietta dating russian 19

In the year 970 Svyatoslav set out on a campaign from which he was fated not to return.He had divided the Russian Land among his three sons.

Thus she fell in love with the austere warrior Svyatoslav, who against the will of his mother Olga made her his wife.The enraged Olga, regarding as unseemly the marriage of her “housekeeper” and captive servant to her son Svyatoslav, heir to the Great Kiev principality, sent Malusha away to her own native region not far from Vybut.And there in about the year 960 was born the boy with the Russian pagan name Volodimir, meaning peaceful ruler, ruling with a special talent for peace.“And the Emperor of the Russians consented to this, and made common cause with him.”As a reward for his military help, Vladimir asked for the hand of the emperors’ sister Anna, which for the Byzantines was an unheard of audacity.Princesses of the imperial lineage did not marry “barbarian” rulers, even if they were Christians.

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