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Caress the skin with your fingertips while looking at your partner suggestively from across the table, or anywhere else for that matter, when trying to set the mood. Try intertwining your fingers with theirs and graze the skin on their inner wrists with your lips and tip of your tongue.

The fingertips are the part of the body to touch, and your palms aren’t far behind.

If you’re playing with yourself, massage or vibe to up your arousal.

This small pleasure bud contains over 8,000 nerve endings and is covered by a hood.

Read on to find out which touch points could use a little more TLC.

When it comes to erogenous zones, it isn’t all about the nips, nubs, and slits.

Trace around the areola before moving onto the nipple and sucking, licking, and even flicking. If your partner likes it rough, graze the nipple with your teeth. Trace the shape of their lips with your tongue before moving to a slow, wet kiss, or gently suck or nibble on their bottom lip.

Nipple stimulation lights up the same area in the brain as the genitals. Lips, tongue, a feather, or a small vibrator are just a few ideas. Kissing is an art, and we suggest using every inch of their lips and mouth as your canvas.You can kick it up a billion notches by taking each of their fingers into your mouth, one by one, and sucking lightly.This is another often neglected area that’s incredibly sensitive to any kind of touch. Give the area some special attention during a massage, or use your mouth and tongue there before working your way up or down the leg.She giggles at first, but once she gets past the tickle response, it’s totally hot.A light touch is all you need to turn the tickle to totally titillating.

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