Jeremy sumpter christian serratos dating

I'm just sayin... dated a girl named Peaches for awhile. Her dad is a famous singer and she is an aspiring model/actress. Peaches said that she and Jeremy went out on dates.

Peaches told the press that she gave Jeremy her number so they can get together sometime.

The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang), released in November 2006.

He had a small role in the film An American Crime, which played on Showtime in 2008 before going to DVD.

At a young age, he enjoyed mountain climbing and play with his friends like any other normal kid, but when he went to Lexington, Kentucky, to model, he won the ...

[About Clubhouse (2004)] "It's really a dream role.

"He says he will call me and we'll go out on a date." One reporter asked if she has gone out on a date before (she's only 14). I'm very mature."Name: Peaches Geldof Age: 14Location: England Wants to be: A model and actress Says her Boyfriend is Jeremy Sumpter Told the press: That she already kissed Jeremy and wants to go further Says shes: Mature and has had sex with guys before Met Jeremy: At the Peter Pan Premiere Gave Jeremy her number and says he called her and they started dating.

He appeared in the meteorological disaster film Into the Storm as Jacob Hodges, a young cameraman for the stormchasers.

While filming in Australia, he supplemented his training with cricket and surfing.

Sumpter grew several inches while in the film's production, requiring staging tricks to retain Captain Hook's height advantage over Peter in face-to-face scenes late in the process.

That poor girl looks so uncomfortable in those pictures.

I'm sure years from now when he self-destructs as so many child actors do, he will explain how hard it was trying to explain to poor girls like this why he has a collection of vibrators hidden in his closet.

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