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This may be the largest industrial complex on our planet—the largest dam on Earth holds back one of the many vast settling “ponds,” where sludge from the mines combines with water and toxic chemicals in a black soup.

Because any bird that landed on the filthy water would die, cannons fire day and night to scare them away.

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Around the world, pollution kills 9 million people a year, far more than AIDS, malaria, TB, and warfare combined.

When you’re spending millions of dollars on a game, you need to recoup your costs. Lucrative first-party arrangements mean that titles like Gears of War--created by independent third-party developer Epic--still exist, but with fewer large studios remaining independent, these deals are getting rarer.

The best way to do this is to sell millions of copies at / £40 a pop. And the best way to sell millions is to put your game onto as many devices as possible, maximising your audience. It would be naive to assume that Microsoft’s GTA arrangement was the first ever ‘paid exclusive’, but it was the deal that changed things. The company needed a system seller for Xbox 360, and they bought it.

By throwing money around, Microsoft has gone from gaming unknown to market leader in just over a decade. Microsoft has not only paid for great exclusives, but has also done deals to weaken its competition or level the playing field. Call of Duty Modern Warfare) or never released (eg. However, with the more ‘traditional game’ focus of Wii U, even Ninty is being forced to look around for exclusive content--we’ve seen the first signs of that with Bayonetta 2, Zombi U and the recent deal with Sega to keep the Sonic series exclusive for the next three games. With the next-generation it seems exclusivity will be the key battle-ground between Sony and Microsoft.

However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently commented: “I don't think it would be an appropriate course of action to get into a battle with a company like Microsoft over the cost or the expense of trying to go head to head in a situation to try to obtain exclusive rights,” so don’t expect any significant exclusives on Wii U beyond added functionality and first-party games. First looks at both PS4 and Xbox One show consoles that are largely comparable in power, functionality and architecture.

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