Is eunhyuk dating boa

– Suzy’s younger brother in an interview said he’s a fan of IU. – IU and Yoo In Na have a special nickname “IU In Na”.

Yoo In Na is her muse and she gets inspired by her, also they take many trips together.

He had gone to watch the sunrise with his dad and was caught on film 87. Eunhyuk’s room is the tidiest compared to other members but then he uses the room byhimself 91silly boy surprisingly has a big heart and amazing patience 92. eunhyuk’s record for the most hours slept in one shot is 17 hours 99. He said “I wish I could marry a girl who knows how to cook good food” 100. in two of hyuk’s bday videos, both videos show a white whipped,gram cracker crust cake with fruits on top 104.

ELF was very worried and praying for his fast recovery 79. Eunhyuk and Junsu made a promise when they were younger not to drink and smoke 86. Eunhyuk’s favorite sport is soccer 94.eunhyuk wants to have two kids. he said that the boy will be happy to have a noona. but people say he looks cute smiling with his gums 98.

Simple Singles (Korean) 2005 Show Me Your Love (featuring DBSK) 2006 U (Japanesse) 2008 U/Twins 2008 Marry You 2011 Bonamana 2011 Mr. Eunhyuk has contributed to the lyrics of several of Su Ju’s songs.

When asked who his ideal girl was Eunhyuk said that it was Emma Watson. Before debut, Eunhyuk and Junsu came up with a plan to make Donghae cry. Out of all the Super Junior members, Eunhyuk eats the most 6. He says that cute animals are his favorites but he likes snails as well. Because he is so skinny, Eunhyuk received the new nickname “myeol chi” (anchovy) 13. When Eunhyuk and Junsu were younger, they joined a beauty competition where all of the contestants were males disguised as girls. Eunhyuk has a dog, Choco, and a pet named Minki though he hasn’t stated what type of animal this pet is 38. He’s been on the receiving end of pranks by the other members many times. Eunhyuk is said to be the dirtiest (as in unclean) and smelliest member in Super Junior.

Then his mom called & asked “Did i raise you to be this way? Eunhyuk always tries to make his hair perfect, but during the roller coaster ride in ISF, he failed 77.

He had gone to watch the sunrise with his dad and was caught on film. There was an article titled ‘Eunhyuk is a Yadong Mania’.

– She said she was inspired by f(x)‘s Sully when she wrote the song “Peach”. His scars from the fall are visible on his right hand. Eunhyuk claims that his first appearance on television was in 1992. After the article came out, his mom called him and asked him “Did I raise you to be this way? His hobbies are studying, singing, piano, soccer and watching comedy programs. Eunhyuk a.k.a Lee Hyukjae weighs 58 kg, is 177 m high and has a blood type O 75. After this accident, Eunhyuk wore a cast for several weeks and a bandage on his hand after. There was later an article that came out that said, “Eunhyuk is a Yadong Mania”. Eunhyuk said that he wants a candy kiss in this winter 63. He is thankful to the members for supporting him even though he cannot express everything that he would like to 70. Hyoyeon once texted Eunhyuk and he replied “sorry, eunhyuk has changed his number” and hyoyeon pissed off 74.– She released her first album ‘Lost and Found’ on 24 September 2008. A student fan who spotted IU at a restaurant said she gladly welcomed her and gave her an autograph telling her to stay healthy and study hard.– IU is best friends with Suzy and with Jiyeon of T-ara.

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