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Dirty chat is a great way to screen your potential choices and see if there is any sexual chemistry. It's necessary to be wary when you live in an age where photos can be easily doctored.

Be sure to swap enough pictures to make sure your potential shag is genuine.

Read Full Review I have used IE and been successful a few times.

Usually it's something written in the profile that can spark an interest from a prospective partner.

Read Full Review Long story short, joined IE back in Feb 2009, looking for a friend, companion and bit of excitement in a very dull unhappy marriage, met the love of my life 2 months later.,.now getting married to him next year 10 yrs later. Another didn't live where her profile said and, after a phone call, it turned out she wasn't married.

Loads of others started off encouragingly only to suddenly stop.

It has now introduced an auto-renewal feature to catch users out, so even though you think your only purchasing a 4 or 6 weeks special access package unless you turn off the auto renewal at the bottom of the page they will keep on charging you . Read Full Review As ever it seems only the males have to pay on this site in the days when equality is supposed to rule then females should equally pay a fee making it fairer and less expensive for Males.

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Read Full Review So having read numerous scathing reviews of IE, thought I would offer a small corrective.

First thing to say is that many of the complains are justified: it is expensive, and the VKs/messages etc. Some women read your profile and just aren't interested, others there's an initial back and forth before one of you drop out, and then others progress. The first was more attractive in photos, but still a nice normal lady, but we left it after the first *date*. Read Full Review Spent a lot of money - and time writing a genuine profile and sending messages to what seemed to be compatible ladies.

that tumble into your box as soon as you sign up are almost invariably fakes - that is, they appear to be site-generated even if some of them originate from authentic profiles (I emailed one woman to ask why she had VK'ed me as her profile stipulated a man over 6' tall, and she replied that she hadn't… Read Full Review I've read a few reviews of this on here and am surprised. One played me along with alluring messages, only to try to get me to join (and pay) another dating site.

Unlike other dating sites, ours values the privacy of its users above all else and provides adequate tools to keep your identity anonymous.

After creating your free account, you can relax knowing that your identity will always be hidden as long as you don't share it with other users.

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