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Beetlejuice pt 2; man sucks Hanks nasty toes for wifes breast implants; Dr.

Natasha, sex doctor; Sandra will show Howard her G-spot 35) Bijou Phillips, actress/model; Judy wants to be humiliated into losing weight; Rei-stripper who performs Shakespeare; Michelle wants to be a stripper and wants breast implants 36) Brad takes porn star, Houston to his prom. 1; Scott the Engineer and his weight problem and betting..loses bet and has to walk down street in bikini; Houston prom date pt.2; Fan, Sean Lennon says he will do anything for a Private Parts package.

This re-upload is dedicated to all the many staff members, family members, friends, and colleagues that were affected by this intimate tragedy, to the creator of the compilation, wushdishmeen (WDM) for his amazing work documenting this era of Howard Stern Show history and making it timeless.

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11) Jesus Twins preform live in Howards Studio Andrew Dice Clay part 1 & 2 Hollyweird Squares part 1 & 2 12) Ba Ba Booey gets a new set of teeth, Jackie borrows a toothbrush Halloween Show 1997 with The Amazing Kreskin part 1 & 2 Rodney Dangerfield & Jackie's 00 debt part 1 & 2 13) Stutterin John at The Red Ball Party part 1 & 2 Elliot Offen & Hi-Pitch Eric argue & man who thinks he's Jesus Stuttering John at Oscar Party Porn Star Jevon and Jon King 14) Las Vegas 2001 Show part 1,2,3,4 Howard meets Hank the Dwarf 15) Ozzy Osbourne 1st Appearance Pt.

1 & 2 Stuck on You Contest: Jeff the Drunk 1,2,3 16) Porn Star Annie "Vaginal Millionaire" 1,2,3 Kennith Keith Kallenback's Porno Ozzy and Marylyn Manson 17) Ralph take Lie Detector Test to See if he's gay Pt. 1&2, A Guy Drinks Howard's Toilet Water, Girl gets Naked in Park for Husband's Band, Hi-Pitch Eric v.

Tourettes Don #28: Swinging Couples Dating Game #29: Howard plays Twister with a spokesmodel #30: Barbie Booey Doll, Stuttering John tries to interview Pete Rose and George Foster and gets kicked out of the baseball convention #31: Howard trains with the Harlem Globetrotters #32: Female Family Feud with Hookers vs Call Girls #33: Stuttering John tries to interview Madonna, Rock n Roll slut fantasy makeover #34: Howard's Salute to the Troops of Desert Storm Special #35: Howard shows highlights from past shows #36r.

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1 & 2 (Janine's first appearance) 27) Steve-O from Jackass, Kelly Le Brock, Ralph smells Howard's Farts, Fred Quits pt1 & pt2, Crackhead Bob sings Van Halen 28) Jack Gordon, ex-husband of Latoya Jackson; brings 3 girls in bikinis to put Melrose Larry Green in a guillotine; Paul Mc Cartney pt.1; Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000; Paul Mc Cartney pt.2 29) Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000 pt.

2; Leila Arcieri-Son of the Beach; Fart contest; Lita and Trish Stratus-WWF; Taylor Hayes, porn star, gives contest winner a nude massage 30) Jenna Jamison and Nikki Tyler Lesbian Dating Game; Stephen Baldwin promotes Fled; Marilyn Manson and Rose Mc Gowen; Scores Girls Get hypnotized by Paul Mc Kenna pt.

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