How to flirt on online dating

In preschool, I met this pretty girl named Lindsay. We used to run around together, kick the soccer ball, and play with matchbox cars. While I wouldn’t recommend playing with matchbox cars on your dates, I can give you 14 top-notch ways to casually flirt with guys over text, online, and in person.

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While that does sound vaguely romantic, technology makes life — and dating — much easier, or so I’m told.Now, don’t get all carried away and pull a Joe Goldberg from “You.” But a little innocent Instagram DM flirtation never killed nobody.Responding to a prospective bae’s story is a great way to remind them of your lovely presence while effortlessly sparking up a spontaneous in-app convo.Remember the days when you had to call a potential love interest on your vintage landline — still yet to be equipped with the luxury of caller ID — and ask them on a date with real spoken words?Well, as a member of Generation Z, I actually don’t remember this.

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