Hook up with an older women

Just turn your age settings up and see what comes up.

FYI, my opening line was 'there is no way you're 41'. Also, her tubes are tied so no reason for a condom.

I think I got to her when she really needed some time to figure out single motherhood and dating on her own.

She really wanted me to assume the father figure, just because I can be paternal doesn't mean I want kids.

Not much I can do about that : /Sorry I'm a bit late on this, haven't logged in for a while, but thanks for the advice everyone.

I'd rather keep the lying to a minimum (having morals sucks) so I won't change my age and I think I'll try OKC or ashleymadison.

Met a hot girl at the resort bar, but after a few drinks and conversation, she slipped that she was only 16.

They even refer to women over 25 as "Christmas cakes," which is a reference to the fact that Christmas cakes are on clearance sale after December 25th.Yeah, I'd say OKC is probably the way to go because you can just message them.But honestly, hitting the bars is the best way to find a cougar.Though I'd rather not have to pay, I've gotten accustomed to using free apps for this. Just change your age to 35 on the app so that you will pop up when they search their own age range...doesn't sound like there are many cougars in your area, but you may perk an older woman's interest this way. Despite being legal, that was too young for me, so I politely finished our conversation and moved on.

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