Hardy rod dating

It developed ball bearing reels and was the first to feature the check mechanism housed within the reel arbour and introduced the first large arbour reel in 1911.The Company’s record of innovation is a testament to the wealth of expertise invested in it.For well over a century, House of Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world - the name is synonymous with quality and excellence. A very rare Hardy Expert Spanish Reed 13 foot Match rod that has seen little, if any use. Such reputations are not acquired easily, but it has never faltered throughout the company's long history. In 1891, the first Hardy “Perfect” reel was patented.

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In 1933, Hardy Brothers (Alnwick) Limited extended its operations to include golf club manufacture.Among the three generations of Hardy’s involved in the firm, there have been some great anglers, beginning with John James who became World Champion Fly Caster.His nephew “LRH” became the most celebrated fly fisherman of his day: his prowess in casting reached almost legendary proportions.A very rare Spanish Reed Hardy Connoisseur 12 foot Match rod that has seen little, if any use. Varnish finish bright and even, may have had a coat of varnish during its life, or this may be the original finish - it is difficult to say. Has a well-worn 3-section Hardy bag which may well be the original.

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