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As slang is often regarded as an ephemeral dialect, a constant supply of new words is required to meet the demands of the rapid change in characteristics.

And while most slang terms maintain a fairly brief duration of popularity, slang provides a quick and readily available vernacular screen to establish and maintain generational gaps in a societal context.

There are several ways to make distinctions between generations.

For example, names are given to major groups (baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, etc.) and each generation sets its own trends and has its own cultural impact.

The transitions from each level of lifespan development have remained the same throughout history.

They have all shared the same basic milestones in their travel from childhood, through midlife and into retirement. attending school, marriage, raising families, retiring—the actual journey varies not only with each individual, but with each new generation.

"Children increasingly rely on personal technological devices like cell phones to define themselves and create social circles apart from their families, changing the way they communicate with their parents.

Cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail and the like have encouraged younger users to create their own inventive, quirky and very private written language.

The sociological theory of a generation gap first came to light in the 1960s, when the younger generation (later known as Baby Boomers) seemed to go against everything their parents had previously believed in terms of music, values, governmental and political views.

Text messaging, in particular, has perhaps become this generation's version of pig Latin." While in the case with language skills such as shorthand, a system of stenography popular during the twentieth century, technological innovations occurring between generations have made these skills obsolete.

Older generations used shorthand to be able to take notes and write faster using abbreviated symbols, rather than having to write each word.

However, with new technology and keyboards, newer generations no longer need these older communication skills, like Gregg shorthand.

Although over 20 years ago, language skills such as shorthand classes were taught in many high schools, now students have rarely seen or even heard of forms like shorthand.

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