Funny dating questions to ask a girl

But it’s a funny thing to say because it’s so outrageous.

This is a great one, because probably no one would want to be either! If you want to learn how to convert your question into a real life date, or how to properly setup first, second and third dates – consider hiring a dating coach like me to help you find your next long term relationship.By asking this question, you can feel out how open she is to meeting you.Some women like to waste your time by serendipidating – they never have any intentions of actually meeting you. If you want to know how creative and introspective she is, this one will help you.So, while this question is funny, it will give you an idea about her animal preferences. It would also give you a glimpse into what is more important to her – vision or hearing. This is a little cheesy, and you’ll have to be careful with this one. Just like men, some women are narcissists or sociopaths. ” Then you can dive into a conversation about weird eating habits, and the strangest ones you both have.If this is something that is important to you, then this is a humorous way to ask if she’s a dog, cat, or no-animal kind of girl. But at the same time, you can discuss whether anyone actually “discovered” Amazon or rather invented it. While spooning a woman is something that most people enjoy, make sure the conversation doesn’t turn sexual. Wait until the second date to escalate the sexual tension. So when you ask her if she’s friendly, watch out to see if she jokes about it. This sounds like it’s just a random question, but it could give you some indication about what she values.

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