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I have a txt file delimited by '|' as follows: name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22 In the above mentioned text file the data are not complete for each line.Later i have the full data for say the third record i.e Name: Gaara Id:1 age:22 address:sand rank:100 Now how do i go and update the original data in the file as name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22|sand|100 Please help...To achieve this goal Windows and OS X users that rely on Java’s auto-update mechanism will have their JRE 7 replaced with JRE 8.The Java auto-update process updates the latest version of Java on a user’s Windows and OS X machine.

What else did you have in mind and what is not suitable with java using threads.

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I get a "Java install did not complete Error Code 2" message after Java has downloaded and gone through some process of installing and before it completes.

has found no other references to this problem/error code and, of course, there is no way to contact them.

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