Focused on consolidating and integrating the

The DHS Enterprise Web Council is made up of one public affairs representative and one technology (IT) representative from each of the DHS operational components.Several years have passed since the compliance deadlines for the HIPAA privacy and security regulations, yet compliance has been elusive for many healthcare providers.An incident response program that does not involve both security and privacy teams, for example, will lead to disastrous results should a breach occur.The technical security specialist within the organization must identify the breach and notify privacy personnel, who are required to mitigate the breach, and in some states, notify each individual whose information may have been disclosed.In the same survey, 85 percent of respondents believed that they were more than 85 percent compliant with the privacy standards, a drop from 91 percent of respondents the previous year.In many organizations there is a problem that diminishes those resources: privacy and security compliance efforts are handled separately, lowering the efficient use of resources.

focused on consolidating and integrating the-52

The failure to have a unified program can clearly impact daily operations.

Privacy is the collection of rules and obligations that determine how and when access is to be authorized, in any medium.

It follows that good security and privacy practices depend on one another.

These services enable timely and accurate information to be published efficiently and consistently in support of the Department's mission.

To make sure that the information the public is looking for online is easy to find, easy to read, and easy to act upon, we use web communications as a strategic business and communications asset, providing constant and iterative improvement to the website while promoting a “public first” focus for web content.

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