Flaws in evolutionary dating

But we found that the Death Master File is often fatally flawed.” Judy learned that getting off the Death Master File was harder than getting on.

Worse yet, since she was living but officially thought of as dead, in evolutionary terms she was like a living fossil—a creature considered extinct that suddenly turns up alive.

How did this fish remain unchanged for hundreds of millions of years while other fish were allegedly changing to different kinds all around it?

Since no one has an answer for “what singles out an organism as a survivor-in-waiting,” is this kind of fish truly that ancient?

However, it suits the way evolutionists apply it to their theory.

Their central problem is time—in this case, too much of it.

Living Fossils: Fixing a Problem of Too Much Time Judy had her problems, but living fossils cause their own troubles for evolutionists.

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Evolutionists, however, commit an enormous scientific blunder by fabricating oxymoronic “living fossil” or “survivor in waiting” rescuing devices to save their theories.What scientific test would be capable of giving such a result?Actually, evolutionists usually accomplish this feat by just looking at a trait or DNA sequence and declaring, “That’s primitive.” You could ask, What is the opposite of primitive?Imagining “Primitive” Features In an evolutionary context, a primitive characteristic is one at an early stage of evolutionary development.There are temporal and usually qualitative dimensions evolutionists use to indicate that a primitive trait is early and less advanced. If you started from an evolutionary perspective and carefully examined your face, which features would you label as “primitive”?

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