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I'm completely waxed and very clean so I don't understand what the issue is. We both know a few guys (and girls) who completely refuse to ever go down on a woman (or man), some we know don't even want a woman (or man) to go down on them either! Just let him know that your really into receiving (and/or giving) oral. Hope that helps, Good Luck For security and to ensure material in our forum does not offend other visitors and members, all posts are moderated before being published.

But, the best thing for you to do is to just be upfront, open and honest about how you feel about it.

Church leaders have also condemned erotic touching outside of heterosexual marriage using terms like "necking" for general kissing and stroking of areas outside of the breasts, buttocks, or groin region, and "petting" Despite the policies on extramarital sex and making out, a 2007 survey of over 1,000 BYU students showed that 4% of single women and 3% of single men had participated in oral sex or intercourse while dating.

The manual includes statements that "prophets have condemned [masturbation] as a sin" and "perversion of the body's passions" that causes one to "become carnal".

Also, maybe he presumes he's not good at it, most guy's have no idea how to go about it and end up never wanting to do it, or they are the type who lick or suck the wrong spots the wrong way, and have been told so, and are now hesitant or resistant to doing it, entirely. Why not show him exactly where and how you like it; up and down? We will not display your email address or pass it on to any third party.

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The oral sex ban, however, was neither removed, modified, or clarified as the only additional directive to leaders was that "if the member has enough anxiety about the propriety of the conduct to ask about it, the best course would be to discontinue it".

Subsequent discussion of marital sex warned against behaviors that the church considered unnatural, impure, and unholy including Spencer Condie's warning that when couples "participate in unholy practices" during their physical intimacy it can become a "disruptive force" in their marriage.

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