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You found out that your Ex is sleeping with someone new. It sounds simple enough, but it’s very easy to get swept away in our thoughts without even noticing what’s happening. If shifting mentally is too hard you can also shift your attention to something that is happening in the present moment: Watching a movie, listening to music, or petting your dog.Now, waves of rage, pain, self-doubt, and resentment are crashing over you. The practice: As soon as you become aware that you are thinking about your Ex, say, (out loud, if necessary) “I am thinking about something that is not happening right now.” Repeat this to yourself a few times as needed. Shifting is important because the thoughts we habitually think about get stronger.#2 Realize that your ex moving on before you is okay.At first, you might think it’s so unfair that your ex has managed to find someone new while you’re still struggling to get over your breakup.You start to wonder how your ex is or what your ex is up to.

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You can’t expect your ex to be stuck on you even when you’re no longer on speaking terms!On the other hand, your ex might just be in a rebound relationship.Whatever technique your ex has used to get over your relationship isn’t really your business. Except your role is being played by someone who might be sexier, more fun or more interesting. They probably skipped the motorcycle ride and decided to spend the day in bed. In your mind’s eye you play out scenes from your life together.

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