Ethan peck dating lindsey shaw

But smooth sailing it won't be for the pair, especially in the company of head cheerleader Chastity, love-struck nerds like Cameron and the school's mysterious bad boy, Patrick.Remember the 1990s, when Shakespeare was all the rage?He was such a force, such a vibrant person, right at the really exciting time of his life." and figured out which story lines we wanted to keep and update and how we'd go about it and then outlined all the characters and the story while we sat on a beach in Mexico."They were long-distance writing partners and would send pages back and forth via express mailing service Airborne.It's easy to see where the empowered Kat got her modern-day spirit—and the entire movie got its fresh, witty and whip-smart vibe.In another set interview, the 18-year-old explained, "I'm using bits and pieces of Richard Burton's portrayal of that character in perhaps the best known film, but my Patrick has also got a Jack Nicholson edge to him with his cheekiness and his smiles."It's still unclear how Ledger could look remotely like the sort of guy who would eat a live duck, as one of the rumors about Patrick claimed, but the actor himself was as much of a mystery when he finally arrived on set a week into filming, fresh from the Australian swords-and-sandals TV series ."We had only heard stories from the producers about the disarming charisma of a handsome Aussie from Perth with an infectious smile," David Krumholtz wrote in a piece for Vulture in 2015.

Cameron and his nerdy but ballsy friend Michael conspire with Joey to pay the mysterious and conveniently hunky Patrick Verona to woo Kat, thinking that'll clear the way to date Bianca (who doesn't quite yet realize that Cameron is better than Joey).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the sweetie, David Krumholtz is the nerd, Andrew Keegan is the jerk and, forever in our hearts, Australian newcomer Heath Ledger is the misunderstood bad boy who falls head over heels for the intelligent, untrusting and delightfully girl he's hired to romance.

(Not to mention, Allison Janney is the guidance counselor who's writing an erotic novel on the side, and Daryl Mitchell is spot-on as the English teacher who rolls his eyes at the woes of the suburban privileged.)It's much ado about As Kat and Patrick were falling for each other onscreen, according to some of their co-stars on the DVD commentary, Julia Stiles and Heather Ledger became an item off-screen—the only thing that can make a choice movie romance in 2014, calling the experience of working with him "amazing."Opening up a little more to Australia's ABC in 2016, Stiles said, "Heath and I did not keep in touch after filming ended, but when I heard about his death, I was incredibly sad, I was very shocked.

And then we really turned out attention to finding the perfect guy to play opposite her."It's impossible to picture this movie with anybody else in the lead roles, but ponder this for a minute: Larisa Oleynik, perhaps the biggest star of the bunch going in thanks to her Nickelodeon-fostered fame from ?

And at one point it might not have been Stiles—or Ledger—at all in the pivotal roles of Kat and Patrick.

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