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I enjoy working with those interested in making changes in their lives whether it be in facing present life transitions and stressors or dealing with past events/traumas.

The chapters of your past do not have to dictate who you want to be.

My passion is helping individuals grow strong in the midst of their pain and brokenness.

I am passionate about working with individuals and families who have experienced trauma and/or life transition issues, helping them to walk through the process of healing and recovery."""Strength does not reside in having never been broken, but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places." As a therapist, I believe that it is in brokenness that one finds strength, and that it is in the darkest places that hope and healing emerge.

I would be honored to work with you and/or your loved one(s) to help you take the steps towards change.""I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a dual licensed in Tennessee and Florida.

I graduated from the Advanced Placement Master's Program with honor at the University of Southern Indiana in 1998, and I have 21 years of experience in the field of Social Work.

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