Dwyane wade and star jones dating Videos chat 100

She also accused Wade, 31, of cheating on Union, though the NBA star claimed he was on a break when their child was conceived.Now, it is rumored that Union is pregnant with Wade’s child, and due in the summer.Another title isn't on the line just yet, but Wade's already putting himself where he needs to be in anticipation of a season that could vault Miami into the NBA's rare ranks of three-peaters.His injury history is one he's not eager to repeat.Hollywood Life reports Union’s friends suspected she was pregnant when she chose to skip the alcohol at a recent get-together.“She was at a party, there was champagne everywhere, and she didn’t drink a drop,” a source says.

Gabrielle Union is already having quite a year, after her show “Being Mary Jane” debuted on BET Tuesday night and got rave reviews.Jones returned late in the regular season and played in three playoff games. He's a tough guy."It could have been easy for me just to shut it down"—per the Associated Press—and intimated he wasn't entirely certain how effective he'd be after returning.Jones talked to Wade last week about what to expect during the rehab process."You're going to get a workout, a big-time workout," Jones said. Pat Riley later revealed the injury was so extreme that it caused nerve damage.Eventually, he was shut down for the remaining 21 games of 2008 on account of pain in the same left knee that underwent surgery the previous summer. He also made light of his recent rash of injuries being a sign that he's getting older. However many times Wade's been around the sun, discerning his age in NBA years is a little like trying to figure out how old Miguel Tejada was back in the day.It's ultimately a guessing game where birth certificates mean absolutely nothing.

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