Does dating affect your grade

That was my way of expressing my love, through service. Then, I did not notice that I am starting to take myself, my friends, my family and even my studies for granted. I even forgot to leave something for me just to make the most of all the time that we were together. Everything was devastated, my grades, my school performances, my relation to my friends and especially to myself. She was really the last person I was thinking that I would share what I was feeling that time. Suddenly, I burst into tears and cried and explained everything to her. I am already busy in my career and also with my studies. I was just the one who submitted everything to him.He was then happy and thankful because his grades got higher and his performances as a student did well. I did not want to stay too much time with my circle of friends. I was too focused on him that I was not able to balance the things around me. It was as if I was hanging on a cliff and nobody was there to be brave to save me. I should explain everything; for sure she could understand me. That time, what I really needed was someone to listen and understand me. I just decided to make myself busy in my studies so that it would be easy for me to forget all the pain. Although, I still wanted him back, but it was really over and I must respect that. I wanted this time to make my grades better and prove to myself and to my mother that I could survive all these pains and heartaches and start myself anew. Thus, being in a relationship is my least priority. Maybe, that was the reason my grades got affected because I was too overwhelmed with the feeling that I focused more on him. I remembered that I was just the one who supported him on his school stuffs.According to the site of Chapman (2013), Erik Erikson theorized that student under this stage experiences the stage of “Identity versus Role Confusion” leading to the stage of ‘Intimacy versus Isolation”.It was then believed that during this stage the child is being associated to the people around them that lead to their attraction. I was then at my second year high school when she told me this. ] I could still remember the time when my mother told me this.

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I was not that disappointed with the result because in return, he treated me well. I could still remember the time that I always offered my help.I was too ignorant and naive to all the things that were happening to me that time. Students get too attached with relationship and feeling that they will able to forget the main purpose on why their parents send them to school. But during the time that I was too attached with him, this might be true.Suddenly, in just like a wink of an eye, everything changed. On the other hand, according to Fuller (2014), stated on his site that having a relationship can also have a positive effect. If the bitter ending did not happen, I may not be able to graduate high school because I was too focused on him that I was not able to pay attention to my grades.I started to get lower grades and even failed remarks in some of my quizzes and examinations. I am not closing my doors and I am not even searching for another him in my life. Because of my experiences regarding relationship and its effect to me holistically as a person, I am starting to ask several questions in my mind that I think really needs to be answered such as: Does dating as a student negatively really affect the grades, academically? According to Chung Pham, Tracy Keenan and Bing Han (2013) published in The Journal of Applied Economics and Business Research; students who enter into a serious relationship are less likely to graduate high school and move on to college, while non-daters and moderate daters are likely to advanced college.I did not have the strong drive and eagerness to study because all I really wanted was to be with him. This was I think the result of why I almost got failing grades in my subjects. I was confused on what he was thinking to act that way. And when I am doing anything to approach him, he would avoid me. Based on my experiences, it really does affect the grades of the student. In my case, I was able to graduate high school and pursue my college degree and become a professional teacher.

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