Demigod achievements not updating

( To the left of the stage) A reload point is exactly at the Planter where one of the big mech suits shows up. Flying Gun turtes should be your first and foremost concern there are 4 in this level 2 right as you run into the two big mechs. Now don't worry too much about your partner she will pretty much take care of herself.

It's at this reload point that the Red team will stay and then they will shoot the two mechs and destroy them for the Blue team. Blue team To better your chances, make XP and get this done faster, when the Red team comes to you put them down until you can MIND HACK them, they will then join your team and fight for you.. Rinse and repeat for anyone else in your party that needs it! Even though you have the ARTS you will still go down pretty fast. Fortunatly they are pretty dumb so take cover and shoot fast. You must take out the two THUMPERS/Rocket Luancher guys on the bridge in front of you.

Keep to the left and get into cover, because when the enemies start to show up you first priority will be the two flying gun turrets.

Take them out and MIND HACK them they will be big help!

move when you need to, but above all else get behind those pillers..

Otherwise your going to get in to a cross fire and be killed very quick! I however went ahead and did it the second way, by myself.

After everyone is dead you'll come down the stairs move to the left and you'll see a Thumer/Rocket launcher lying behind a piller.. Yes it's powerful, but it only has a few shots and it's more of a hinderence here.The Second way: If your going it alone, you should try to make sure you have the two plugins for THE ARTS, called: Sharpened Bullet (increase your physical strength by 15% so you can take more damge and increases your bullet damage) and Sharper Bullet (increase your physical strength by 20% so you can take more damage and increases your bullet damage) . They really can't hit oyu but they take a lot of ammo to kill.That gives you an increase of 35% There are two other ARTS called Stone Body and Steel Body, which increase your physical strength and lets you take more damage by 15 and 20% perspectivly.. All the while you must keep an eye out for the guys that constintly rush your position. Things to note: I have this problem, lots and lots of achievments not updating.They were doing fine after 1.1 released, then stopped without warning.

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