Death dating vs planned obsolescence realdating su

One could download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack—but most customers didn’t know that and therefore purchased a new Office version or preferably replaced the whole computer because the old one has become too slow anyway.

Style obsolescence happens when the gadget works totally fine and the only flaw is that it isn’t popular anymore.

Manufacturers also use glass on the backside of their phones, doubling the chances of fracture.

The backside of the i Phone 4 series or more recently of the LG Nexus 4 could have been made out of a break-proof material.

Customers stormed the stores when the i Phone 3G came out: It had all that! The digital wine thermometer I bought my father for Christmas has a built-in battery that can’t be replaced.

But the poor 2 megapixel camera resolution remained the same. More than 200 new features make a strong argument for an upgrade. According to the manual, the battery is good for about 2000 hours.

In this situation, engineers don’t aim to create the best possible machine. The dropper is reminded of his clumsiness every time he looks at the display (often the screen still works and only the glass is damaged).A consumer will replace his gadget much sooner when the glass is broken than when it’s not.Imagine that after serving you a long time, a minor but crucial part of your (insert defective device) has broken, but the rest of the device works fine. The producer generally makes more profit selling new devices than spare parts.Many customers will upgrade to the succeeding gadget with slightly better features once it is introduced.This is a very good example: the first i Phone didn’t support 3G internet bandwidth, MMS, universal Bluetooth, not even video recording, all of which were considered to be standard features.

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