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Defensive fortifications of drystone (stone walls without mortar or other binding material) known as GRADINE (hill forts) were built in the Bronze and Iron Ages on rocky hilltops and prominent Velebit ridges.

They served as shelter for the populations of the surrounding hamlets when danger threatened, while some may have been permanent residences inhabited by powerful locals.

In recent years, archaeological research has been conducted at the church and now it is fully recovered. Peter, there are several medieval monuments worth visiting in the region: Osim crkve Sv.

Petra, na širem se području nalazi još nekoliko srednjovjekovnih spomenika vrijednih posjeta: - the Holy Trinity fortress, located approximately 6 km west of Starigrad-Paklenica, near the towns of Tribanj-Šibuljine – one of the largest fortresses known from Mljet to Istria, dating back to the 6th century; - a late Classical military fortress located over the town of Modrič, in the position of a gradina (hill-fortress); - the Paklarić fortress, located in close proximity to Paklenica National Park, 100 metres above sea level; there is a well-maintained educational trail leading towards that offers a beautiful view over the entire Podvelebit Channel; - the Church of St.

C.), when autochthonous Liburnians, known for their maritime traditions, dominated this region.

Remains of the Late Roman fortification at Gradina still stand almost two meters high at a few places.

Its ramparts and the adjoining square towers were built of stone bound with mortar.

They enclose an irregular rectangle 70 meters wide, extending for some 160 meters in the east-west direction.

For example, a hill named Gradina (a Croatian word for “hillfort”) rises some fifty meters above the western side of Modrič cove.

This medieval church is located on the Adriatic highway between Starigrad and Seline.

In the vicinity of the church, there is a graveyard with burial sites dating back to the mid 13th century.

A roughly contemporaneous fortress of a similar type is located 15 kilometers to the west, at Sveta Trojica near Tribanj.

They were built to protect shipping that passed through Velebit Channel, and to provide protection and refuge to the local population.

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