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We had a couple of things go wrong with our plans out of our control so we winged it and just walked around had coffee and chatted. I was a little distracted and tired and not fully into it myself either on the first date and our texting/chatting was pleasant. Ended with some nice fireworks (just good ol' making out in the car) and we clicked much better overall.

I think these might also be referred to as "breadcrumbing." Guy says "Hey" or "How are you?

He admitted to being in a self-absorbed place, but also that the way I responded this time was a turn off.

I'm honestly glad that I addressed it, but seriously, how can he be surprised to be called out on it? The past partners were pretty bad by anyone's standards but I wasn't little miss perfect either.

It's a beautiful weekend at least where I live, and I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of it to recharge themselves before the drudgery of the week starts.

We all need sometimes that activity, person or place that brings us true joy.

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