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Circuit Court of Appeals have decided that Title VII does extend to sexual orientation and gender identity by way of the sexual stereotype theory ruled on by the Supreme Court in Price Waterhouse v Hopkins!

This question has plagued the court system for many years but lately some courts have reached firm decisions on the matter.

We say resist the urge to date outside your ZIP code, and keep it urban! Pretty much any good date will involve breaking bread, but with our messy, Southern food options, you’ll wish that’s all you were eating, especially if you’re dainty.

Dating anywhere can be a difficult experience, from finding someone actually willing to go out with you to finding something to do once you've identified said willing person.

That said, the experience is a bit different no matter where you go, and Dallas is no exception. Though he’s trying to give off the air of old Park Cities money (or even new Preston Hollow money), that slick fellow may well be up to his popped Armani collar in debt and pulling in what you made your first year out of college. Not to be confused with the ,000 millionaire -- though certainly in the same genus -- the douchebag wields pretension, snobbery, and total disregard for others like a badge of honor.

The former is still undergoing a massive renovation taking so long that cars will fly by the time it’s done, and the latter...

well, it’s always just random accident-and-rubbernecker fustercluckery no matter which direction you’re going.

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