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These are the 10 thoughts I have when I'm not sure if I can actually afford this date: If my rent check CLEARED, I will be 0 in the hole, which means my debit card will decline, which will be cringingly embarrassing and I will have to leave New York City in shame and immigrate somewhere far, far away like Australia.It's bad enough when my debit card declines at Whole Foods, let alone on a date with this gorgeous, smart, put-together woman at this gorgeous, sophisticated restaurant. A girl can't win in the modern dating culture, can she?I'm trying to get better (sort of), but I fear my reckless spending is genetic, and I will be forever doomed to a life of an overdrawn bank account.As I find myself splitting the check on a date, I'll silently will to the universe, "Please go through, dear Master Card. PLEASE go through, you gorgeous piece of PLASTIC MAGIC!"I'll swig back my wine and be paralyzed with the fear that my credit card is going to be declined. I'm just a terrible, deplorable, awful human being when it comes to the art of saving.If it does, I'll look like a reckless, free-wheeling, irresponsible loser trapped in adolescence in the eyes of my date. I'm that girl who haphazardly tosses a bill in her purse, and the money manages to flies away. My vintage purse has a weak gold clasp and is often hanging wide open, unbeknownst to me.)I don't even check my bank statement because I can't handle the bitter, dismal realities of adulthood.Like my fellow irresponsible, heavy-spending friend, Sid, likes to say, "Fuck it, chuck it on the card."Thank the goddesses up above for creating this beautiful piece of plastic I can recklessly charge dinners I don't have the money for onto. I would "Fuck it, chuck it on the card" but my credit card is maxed out. The only thing is, I've been zone out of this entire date worrying about my weak finances, and this cutie looks a little bit, um, bored.

I couldn’t shake the nervousness growing in the pit of my stomach. If you’ve ever dated you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I start looking for the lessons whenever something romantically significant ends in my life. I need to them to get better at assembling more early relationship rockets onto launchpads. I never know when I'm going to soar high and scream screams of glorious thrill, or fall to the bottom and feel my gut fall into my knees.I can't possibly begin to explain how painful having an inconsistent bank account is, in general.But how brutally suffocating it is when it comes to dating? I'll be sitting across the table from a really magnetic, fabulous date, enjoying myself as I freely order a side of truffle fries... I can feel the chic, art-adorned walls of the restaurant close in around me as my spirit ascends out of my chair and watches my date happen.It's an out-of-body experience where I'm seeing my body go on autopilot, going through all the date motions, but my brain is elsewhere, anxiously circling the ceiling, stuck in the static air of debilitating dark thoughts.

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