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Before it ended it would involve several of the leading authorities on radiometric dating, with scientist becoming antagonistic toward each other and almost everyone in the anthropology community of the 1970’s and 80's taking one side or the other, and consequently we are given a rare inside glimpse of how radiometric dating really works.

Taking up the challenge flung out by Curtis, Fitch and Miller made new and supposedly more accurate tests on the KBS Tuff and found it to be 2.42 million years old.

Mc Dougall’s team believed the older dates were the result of the presence of older material being mixed in with the KBS Tuff as it was deposited, yet they could not despite the most careful examination of the samples find any trace of this contamination.

Ultimately it was the mess that skull 1470 was making of their precious theory of human evolution and the overwhelming desire to protect that theory at all costs that decided the accepted date for the KBS Tuff.

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It was twice as expensive but yielded more accurate results.(Hmmm- I wonder what ever happened to those so called contaminating minerals? Using this new technique Fitch and Miller gave Leakey and incontrovertible date of 2.61 million years, plus or minus 0.26 million years, a perfectly acceptable date to the anthropological community.Women's lives changed in many ways during World War II.As with most wars, many women found their roles and opportunities—and responsibilities—expanded.And here is where things start getting interesting.Not content with providing a new anthropologically acceptable date for the KBS Tuff, Curtis had to taunt Fitch and Miller on their failure to come up with this new incontrovertible date in the first place.

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