Dating us military men

I'm not saying it's a bad thing because I know how genuine some of the relationships are. We're so young and they want to be married and have children and go through life already? Yet when I see their Instagram and Facebook pictures, they are both so happy.

They give everything they are to someone who risks their life for our country... What I cannot stand are the many young adults who are dating an active duty personal for the benefits if they get married.

Tactical seniority, also known as "battlefield seniority", is the manner in which a senior officer in command of a given tactical situation is determined.

For instance, within the United States Navy, groups of ships performing exercises together will have one ship designated as the tactical senior unit.

Also, that behind every strong Military man is a strong military wife.

United States military seniority is the method by which the United States Armed Forces determines precedence among commissioned officers, in particular those who hold the same rank.

For instance, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is considered the senior most officer of the entire United States military, even though it is possible that contemporaries of the same rank may have earlier dates of rank or time in service.

Going to war and doing the jobs that they have to, takes a toll on people.As an army brat, I find myself more attracted to army men now than ever.Lately, I have seen a rise in the number of female acquaintances on my Facebook and Twitter dating military men. It's hard waiting weeks and weeks for them to be done with basic training and then longer for extra training after that. Two of my closest friends from middle school are both married to military men, and at first, I won't lie, I thought they were crazy.The regular United States military hierarchy is as follows: When compared to each other, seniority among the service heads is determined by date of when the officer assumed office.Externally, the standing of each service head is determined by the date of the creation of the position as follows.

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