Dating someone who has cheated before

Although we have been dating exclusively now for eight months, and he has been only good to me, I randomly and somewhat regularly freak out on him.

“Freaking out” and obsessing are simply forms of anxiety, ones that go away once the anxiety has a more productive outlet, like an open, honest dialogue.He ended the search for a house when he realized he was interested in me.Still, he took about 10 months to actually break up with her, out of fear and “feeling stuck.” He was 32 and I was 24, and it felt like he was really going through something so I always made excuses.At the time, he had a girlfriend and they were about to buy a house. We sat next to each other at work and talked all day every day and then it became physical.We started texting in December 2016 and in April 2017 he told me he was in love with me, but that he just felt stuck where he was.

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