Dating sites ratio men women

None of them were interested in similar thing to me, which makes it hard. Yes i would agree women get more attention however to find a good match is hard for anyone. I will always glad even though i was always alone, i would never join any site.

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No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury." William Cooper - behold a pale horse video ^^ So true Yep do what you want, but all i was saying, is that not every male wants someone, and i assume there is females out there that really want to be alone too.

I was saying this to the generalised statement that all males are panting for females, which is clearly not the case, as i assume thats why minority of males go on to become monks or priests, and see a life with sex. Their a few women with the same views who give up sex.

I created a fake woman's ad and it was flagged and taken down 5 minutes later.

I found that out when I checked my email 2 hours later. You know i created a fake male account once, i got some replays but not as many as been a girl.

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